Blah, Blah, Blah!

Yes, today was bad. It was a bad food day that started with BK for breakfast and consisted of more grains and sugar than I would have liked.  I blame the cravings for the BK.  I wanted hash browns.  I got them, and a BK muffin (it was pretty gross).  Yeah, unfortunately the hash rounds hit the spot.  I find that so embarrassing!

At training I had a Zinger, barf!  I also ate a part of a pop tart and a knock off Red Lobster biscuit.  Argh!  Yeah, like I said.  Bad.

I want to blame the pregnancy, but seriously I can’t.  I do think that the potato craving was related.  It is something I have craved with all my pregnancies, which is why I purchased three bags of sweet potato fries.  It would have been much better for me if I had called the bowling alley (which is what started the craving to begin with) and ordered an omelet and side of has browns.  Still conventional raised eggs, but real eggs cooked right there on the griddle.  Healthier option for sure.

So, that is all the super bad food.  I did though overcome another bad habit.  So many time I have used one indiscretion as an excuse to just keep eating junk.  Not today.  Today I got home and cooked the sirloin roast that we wanted to make yesterday.  Baked some of the sweet potato fries and left it at that.  I wanted to go and get some Cheetos, but realized that will only make tomorrow more difficult.  Biting the bullet now and saying, “enough!” was the right answer.  I am happy with my choice to move on now and not fall into the mentality that tomorrow is another day.

The best part?  Now I have a good lunch for tomorrow.  No worries there.   I like that.

I think I will have some ‘belly’ shots to post soon.  I am seriously hoping to just grow in the belly, and maybe help some of the extra belly disappear after baby comes.

Before, during and after photos of our BEEF!


About megprimal

I am very interested in weight loss and nutrition. I have found a great way of eating that allows me to lose weight and feel happy for the first time in years.
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